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Fly fishing and New Zealand rivers have stirred the emotions of passionate anglers world wide, since the early years of Zane Grey's visits to cast a fly in the Tongariro River to  present day. Whether you're a Kiwi born angler lucky enough to live here, an overseas angler visiting our shores for the first time or perhaps just reading this because considering a trip here to forfill part of your angling dreams, read on.

 New Zealand rivers are all you could imagine and more. Their waters run crystal clear through pristine native forests boarded by towering sunlite gorges, their deep emerald pools are inhabited by large wild, brown and rainbow trout but most of all they are captivating. They draw you in, immerse you in their spell and seep into your soul, drawing you back time and time again.

 Kia Ora, Welcome I'm Peter Wilton a fly fishing guide of twenty years, a passionate angler of twenty more but most of all an advocate for beautiful places, namely ' Wild Fish in Wild Rivers '

Welcome to my World.

Fly Fishing Taupo

 SUMMER 2019-2020.

   As the snow on the surrounding hills and the mountains of the Tongariro National Park retreats and days lengthen warming the blossom on lake edge trees, its easy to sit back and think of a favourite back country trout stream.

Some where back deep in the hills, remote, untouched by anglers footprints since last summer a favourite stretch of wilderness summer water awaits. I can picture its rainbows lying deep in one of its hinden pools or maybe one of its browns, that large wild fish that surprised me last season suddenly appearing under the foam line before sucking in my dry fly, its red spotted flank remaining burned in my memory.

 Whatever summer fly fishing means to you, to the New Zealand angler it stirs images of deep serene pools, moss and fern covered river banks, roaring white water rappids and the flash of a wild fishes flank as it sucks in a nymph or dry fly. All of this immersed in sunlight tucked away in some mysterious gorge or cradled deep in the valley of some remote mountain range. Welcome to another New Zealand summer and the promise of angling days to come, ' Tight lines to you all, may the rise be with you.' Peter. Click here to contact Taupo Fly Fishing Guide Peter Wilton  for a days or part days fishing with one of Taupo's local fly fishing guides.


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