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Fly fishing and New Zealand  rivers have an international appeal.Our crystal clear waters, their wilderness qualities and of course fish those large wild rainbows and browns that inhabit them draw anglers from around the world. Kia Ora, Welcome I'm Peter Wilton a fly fishing guide of twenty four years, a passionate angler of twenty more but most of all an advocate for New Zealand's beautiful wild places, namely ' Wild Fish in Wild Rivers ' This alone stands at the very heart of the New Zealand fly fishing experience. While travelling throughout our beautiful country it quickly becomes obvious rivers dominate our landscape.Some carve their way through majestic gorges on their journey to the sea while others flow more sedately through hill country boarded by sheep farms and forest. All are unique in the angling experience they offer the visiter but one aspect unites them making them uniquely New Zealand, they are all captivating, each immerse you in their spell drawing you back time and time again to make that cast in their crystal clear waters. Welcome to my World.

Fly Fishing Taupo

 AUTUMN 2021.

   The turn of the seasons, the months April and May reflect a favourite time of the year for me in the Taupo fishery.Poplar and willow tinted gold with the onset of autumn line our lake shore and reflect in the silver, mirror like surface of the rivers flow. The rivers also quicken a little in their journey to the lake as if anticipating what lies ahead.Out there in the depths of the great lake things are also changing, bright silver flanks also sense this change in seasons with the first of the rainbow runs preparing for their journey, the same one their parents made while migrating to the river of their birth. 

 So what can we expect for this coming seasons spawning runs and what indications do we have to go by so far? As fly fishermen and women we all belong to that optimistic family of outdoor enthusiasts known as anglers. We are born optimists and just rejoice at the thought of being on the river again especially in todays times where so much of our present day life is spent listening to the media tell us don't be too optimistic and times have changed. Of course they have changed but thats one thing about fly fishing its steeped in tradition and history and is one of those sports that hasn't changed too much since old Isiac's time, although I doubt he would have thought too much of Chec nymphing. 

 Last winter was one of those stand out seasons with rainbows in all Taupo rivers in superb condition probably as a result of healthy smelt numbers in the lake and maiden fish achieving healthy growth rates. Department of Conservation fish trap data from the rivers and angler survey data taken while on both the lake and rivers reflect this peak and although the lake fishing this past summer 2020-21 may not reflect the qualities of the previous 2019 season, in a wild fishery like Taupo that can often be the norm. As anglers we all know or at least should repect the influence that weather, floods, changes in spawning habitat and food supply can have on the highs and lows of this great fishery we all know as Taupo Nui Moana. ' Tight Lines ' to you all for an enjoyable autumn and winter river fishing season.

   Cheers Peter. Click here to contact Taupo Fly Fishing Guide Peter Wilton  for a day or part days fishing with a local experienced guide.

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