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Fly fishing and New Zealand  rivers have an international appeal.Our crystal clear waters, their wilderness qualities and of course fish those large wild rainbows and browns that inhabit them draw anglers from around the world. Kia Ora, Welcome I'm Peter Wilton a fly fishing guide of twenty four years, a passionate angler of twenty more but most of all an advocate for New Zealand's wild beautiful places, namely ' Wild Fish in Wild Rivers ' This alone stands at the very heart of the New Zealand fly fishing experience. While travelling throughout our beautiful country it quickly becomes obvious rivers dominate our landscape.Some carve their way through majestic gorges on their journey to the sea while others flow more sedately through hill country boarded by sheep farms and forest. All are unique in the experience they offer the visiting angler but one aspect unites them making them uniquely New Zealand, they are all captivating, they all immerse you in their spell, drawing you back time and time again, enticing you to cast a line in their crystal clear waters. Welcome to my World.

Fly Fishing Taupo

 SPRING 2020.

 The 1ST of October, the arrivial of spring in our region and opening day on our surrounding regions wilderness, back country rivers and streams. Those rivers and small bush lined streams tucked away in the hills that anglers dream about over winter and plan to revisit while steering glazed eyed into a favourite fly box, lined with tiny summer nymphs and dry flys. I'm still looking forward to that first visit to one of my favourite summer haunts, either that remote challenging river tucked away in a sunlite gorge with its roaring rappids and emerald green pools or maybe that little stream I explored late last summer with its golden flanked free rising browns and serene fern lined pools. Whatever the choice I know it will be uplifting, good for the soul after the cold short days of winter and of course after the trails of our global exposure to covid. Before that first trip however I can't say enough of what a great Taupo winter season we've just had. Differnately one of the regions best spawning runs of quality rainbows anglers have experienced for probably ten to fifteen years. Great for both local and visiting anglers alike, many of whom make their annual pilgrimage to fish our regions rivers. A boost both moraly and financially also to the Taupo and Turangi communities durring the trails of a covid winter. Even with the absence of overseas anglers that would normaly fish our waters, fishing licence sales have been strong with Kiwi anglers flocking to our Taupo rivers in numbers, particulary the Tongariro and Tauranga- Taupo Rivers. To all of you where ever you may be, take care, dust off that favourite fly rod and reel, tye up some of those trusty nymphs and dry flys and lets see you out there on the water, ' Tight Lines ' for a memorable summer season, Cheers Peter. Click here to contact Taupo Fly Fishing Guide Peter Wilton  for a day or part days fishing with a local experienced guide.


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