Wiltons World of Fly Fishing

Spring Fishing Trips

(October and November )

October the 1st the opening day of our backcountry rivers and streams throughout New Zealand. Hill country rivers closed over the winter months now reopen offering superb angling oppertunities to the nymph fisherman. Depending on your preference for large or small waters there is a river or stream in our region just for you. With several Taupo rivers also at their best with spawning runs of rainbows the visiting angler is spoilt for choice.

   Below is advice on angling gear you may wish to bring.

      #5 to #6 weight fly rods & floating lines ideal,

      Fly line colour important so avoid bright lines, green, white or grey lines ideal.

      Nymphs in sizes 12's & 14's work well, with the 12's weighted.

      As mentioned please ensure all waders and gear have been ' Checked, Cleaned and Dried '.






Summer Fishing NZ - Fly Fishing Guide





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Summer Fishing Trips

(December to March)

The ultimate season in any New Zealand fly fishing experience for many anglers and probably my favourite time of year on our regions rivers. Back country rivers and streams at their very best with browns and rainbows cruising the surface taking dry flys. A wealth of oppertunity available to the visiting angler, by either four wheel drive, raft or helicopter access.

Summer is the season to explore with nymph or dry fly and because our back country rivers hold wild resident fish, Catch and Release is practised in order to preserve these unique fisheries. Plenty of great photo oppertunities await you and careful handling of these wild fish is practised.

   Below advice on any gear you may bring,

  • #5 and #6 weight rods, floating lines (dull colours desirable).
  • Rubber-soled wading boots or similar & stocking foot breathable waders ideal, felt soles has been baned in all NZ waters in order to help holt the spread of Didymo, an invasive weed.( wading boots will be provided on request.).
  • Nymphs in sizes #10's to #16's, the larger nymphs weighted,
  • Dry flys in sizes # 12's to # 14's, larger  terresterial dry flys like cicada and bettle patterns also work well.
  • As a final reminder before you leave for New Zealand, PLEASE insure you ' CHECK,  CLEAN, DRY ' all your fishing gear as you will be throughly checked on arrivial by NZ Customs     ' Tight Lines ', Peter.


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