A Dry Fly Summer.

Summer 2011-12 has been one of those up & down seasons as far as fishing the back country goes.Unpredictable weather & resulting river flows in the back country has often required a sudden change in plans for many summer anglers.Not that the fishing has been all bad by any means, we have had a great season with the cicadas & the dry fly fishing particulary with the cicada pattern has at times been as good as it gets.With the cooler temperatures throughout the summer months cicadas arrived a little latter this year & when they did the hatches were loud & intensive.A walk along the banks of any Taupo river durring Feb saw cicadas in flight & floundering on the river surface, all you needed was the sun out.The Tongariro & Hinemaiaia got most of my attention locally with happy customers & rainbows up to the dryfly. 

 Back in the hills river levels have been up & down & not in stable consistant flow that you need for good summer fishing.We did have fairly stable flows over the latter period of Feb & if you were able to take advantage of this the fishing was good.Summer floods have a big effect on resident back country fish, resident browns tend to be a little more resilient to summer floods & so will often still be in their favourite feeding position when the river clears.Rainbows tend to be a little less adaptable & get pushed around often resulting in barren stretches of water for the angler after bigger floods.This has at times been the case for anglers over this summer. Most of my back country trips this season have been drive to water rather then the luxery of helicopter wilderness fishing.Some great conditioned rainbows & some memorable browns have come both to the nymph & dry fly, the last trip with a return Australian angler one of those moments.John & I had just enjoyed our lunch on one of my fav very scenic back country rivers.Upon approaching the tail of a pool to complete our river crossing we both spotted a tiny dimple on the surface.Then again this time at the very end of the feedline of current in two feet of water.A very slow curious approach & we spotted him turning to sip in another mayfly.A size 14 adams from the fly box & John put out the most important cast the first one, gentle & accurate just close to the foam line.A black nose broke the surface we waited & then the perfect strike.Beautifully coloured, golden flanked with a spread of dark red spots, 4-5lb of back country brownie.His trip was complete.In the pool above following our crossing three bright rainbows succumbed to the nymph, three casts three fish, ' An anglers Hat trick '.At least its not on the cricket field I though, these Aussies give us a hard enough time there.

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